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Welcome to the EAVI2020 project!


COVID-19 update

05 March 2021

Person sitting in a chair working at a lab station

Photo by: Thomas Angus, Imperial College London

EAVI2020 has received a 12-month cost-neutral extension. EAVI2020 now has an expected project closure date of 30 April 2022.

COVID-19 has had a considerable impact on the progress of EAVI2020’s clinical trial and lab work. Like many Horizon2020 projects involved in clinical trials, it was required to halt all lab work as a result of the pandemic and the European Commission (EC) have recognised this. It is anticipated that EAVI2020 clinical work can resume in the coming months, and the EAVI2020 consortium will use this compensatory time to continue the lab work when it is safe to return.

The Consortium are very appreciated for this no-cost extension and they are positive that this will maximise the expected impacts of the EAVI2020 project.

We will provide another update when there are any changes.

For further information, the European Commission has placed up-to-date information on their website regarding COVID-19 response and action.

Keep safe and well,

Prof Robin Shattock
EAVI2020 coordinator and on behalf of the EAVI2020 consortium
Imperial College London


Welcome to the EAVI2020 project!

EAVI2020 is a 23 million euro initiative to accelerate the search for an effective HIV vaccine.

Vaccines are the most powerful public health tools available. Developing safe, effective and affordable vaccines that can prevent HIV infection in uninfected people is the best hope for controlling and ultimately ending the HIV epidemic. Developing a therapeutic vaccine could also be beneficial for people living with HIV by helping slow the progression of the disease and prevent or delay the onset of AIDS. Scientists in this consortium are pooling their expertise to make this possible.

Bienvenue dans le projet EAVI!

EAVI2020 est une initiative de 23 million d’euros pour accélérer la recherche d’un vaccin contre le VIH.

Les vaccins sont l’outil de santé publique le plus puissant au monde. Développer un vaccin sûr, efficace et abordable, qui protègerait d’une infection par le VIH est la meilleure solution pour mettre un terme à l’épidémie causée par ce virus. Le développement d’un vaccin thérapeutique pourrait également être bénéfique pour les personnes infectées vivants avec le VIH, en prevenant ou ralentissant l’apparition du SIDA. Les scientifiques de ce consortium rassemblent leurs expertises pour rendre cela possible.

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