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EAVI quarterly newsletter | Special Edition – EAVI2020 PhD Training Program December 2021

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Download the December Special Edition (.pdf)

Foreword from Robin

In this special issue we celebrate the success of our training programme in HIV vaccinology which has directly supported students in obtaining their PhD degrees. The programme has also supported career development of technicians and postdoctoral research from across the EU, both those directly funded by the EAVI2020 consortium and external researchers working on related HIV projects. An important component of building greater connectivity has been the successful exchanges of students between groups across the EU, Australia and the USA to learn new technologies.

I am extraordinarily grateful to the leadership of Joan Joseph-Munne from Hospital Vall d’Hebron at Microbiology department / Vall d’Hebron Research Institute and Britta Wahren from the Karolinska Institutet, who led the program and provided mentorship to all our students. The programme provided new opportunities for early career researchers to learn basic and applied science in their field and obtain extended collaborations within both the consortium groups and associated scientific researchers at many universities in Europe, Australia and USA. This has helped accelerate their professional development, through tutorials, exchange visitor programmes and wet workshops activities.

During their training, PhD students, technical staff and postdoctoral researchers have actively participated in and contributed to tutorials held at universities in Europe, and developed new skills through laboratory exchanges and visits to biotechnology companies. We are especially proud of all our students and celebrate both their commitment and achievements within the EAVI2020 programme, as well as their journey to new positions in both the academic and biotechnology sectors.

Prof Robin Shattock
EAVI2020 coordinator and on behalf of the EAVI2020 consortium


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