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EAVI2020 at the Keystone Symposia on HIV vaccines, 26-31 March 2017

Robin Shattock and Yoann Aldon smiling while Robin points at an EAVI2020 scientific poster

EAVI2020’s partner institutions presented the latest research on HIV vaccines at the Keystone Symposia on HIV vaccines.

As part of the Keystone Symposia Global Health Series, supported by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the HIV vaccines series took place on the 26-31 March 2017 in Colorado, USA.

Despite great progress in preventing and treating HIV, new infections continue to plague communities around the world, and the need for an HIV vaccine is as urgent as ever. Several large cohorts of HIV-infected individuals have enabled tremendous advances over the past five years in understanding immune responses to natural HIV infection. These advances have included the isolation of broad and potent anti-HIV antibodies, defining their developmental pathways, the generation of native-like Env trimers for immunization, and high-resolution structures of the envelope glycoprotein in complex with bnAbs. By 2017, many of these discoveries will have enabled new concepts to transition into human clinical trials, including passive monoclonal antibody therapy and novel immunization approaches. These platforms, incorporating improved technology for monitoring immune responses, will drive major advances in the vaccine field. This HIV Vaccines meeting will present the latest results from human clinical studies, along with the cutting-edge basic science behind such trials to highlight approaches that may lead to an HIV vaccine, and also reveal the molecular underpinnings of B and T cell-mediated immunity.

EAVI2020 at the Keystone Symposia

EAVI2020 partners gave presentations on the latest research developments under EAVI2020 on topics like DNA Vaccination for Experimental Medicine Trials of HIV Vaccines (R. Shattock, Imperial), Inducing HIV-1 Neutralizing Antibodies with Native-Like Envelope Trimers (R. Sanders, AMC), Individualized Profiling of Germline V Genes and Application to Env Trimer Immunogenicity Studies in NHPs (G. Karlsson Hedestam, Karolinska Institutet) and ADCC and Beyond (S. Kent, University of Melbourne).

EAVI2020’s PhD student Yoann Aldon also gave a poster presentation on HIV vaccines management.

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Full programme and for more information on the Keystone Symposia on HIV vaccines.

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Gunilla Karlsson Hedestam talking in front of a digital projection Rogier Sanders talking behind a lectern

G. Karlsson Hedestam and R. Sanders.

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