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EAVI2020 will be at HIVR4P, Chicago, 17-21 October 2016

EAVI2020 logo and HIVR4P logo 2016

EAVI2020’s partner institutions will be at the HIVR4P Conference in Chicago this week.

HIV Research for Prevention 2016: AIDS Vaccine, Microbicide, and ARV-based Prevention Science (HIVR4P 2016) will be held 17–21 October 2016 in Chicago, USA.

HIVR4P is the world’s only scientific meeting dedicated exclusively to the latest research on all forms of biomedical HIV prevention. Through both abstract and non-abstract-driven sessions, HIVR4P supports cross-fertilization among research on HIV vaccines, microbicides, PrEP, treatment as prevention, and other biomedical prevention approaches, while also providing a venue to discuss the research findings, questions, and priorities that are specific to each modality. We expect this cutting-edge, global conference to attract between 1,200 and 1,500 leaders in HIV prevention research, programs, and policy to Chicago.

More information

Find more information about the HIVR4P Conference at their website.

For more information about EAVI2020, please contact us.

The EAVI2020 team at HIVR4P:

Pepe Alcami talking behind a lectern

Pepe Alcami, Instituto de Salud Carlos III, Spain

Stephen Kent talking behind a lectern on stage

Stephen Kent, the University of Melbourne, Australia

Yoann Aldon talking behind a lectern on stage

Yoann Aldon, Imperial College London, UK

Anna Janna Behrens on stage at a lectern presenting at a conference

Anna-Janna Behrens, University of Oxford, UK

Marit van Gils standing at a HIVR4P desk

Marit van Gils, Academisch Medisch Centrum, The Netherlands

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