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EAVI2020’s final newsletter of 2020 – Looking back and looking forward

EAVI2020 Newsletter December 2020 (.pdf opens in a new window)

2020 has been a bumpy ride (to say the least) for everyone, including EAVI2020. Clinical trials had to come to a standstill due to lockdown restrictions and as a result, EAVI2020 received a no-cost extension from its funding body, The European Commission to make up lost time. Yet, the EAVI2020 consortium still have worked tirelessly, if not more so this year, to continue to develop and evaluate EAVI2020 vaccine candidates. This issue exemplifies the continued work of the EAVI2020 consortium and while it only covers the last three months, it is a testimony that even during a global pandemic, the EAVI2020 consortium don’t stop. In this issue:

  • Forward from Prof Robin Shattock
  • COVID-19 and HIV vaccine R&D. Can one help the other?
  • Five years of EAVI2020 – Annual Meeting 2020
  • Prof Robin Shattock presents to European Parliament
  • The 10th PhD Training Course – The first online
  • Students in Focus: Alessandra Gallinaro & Dominik Dam
  • Publications with EAVI2020 research
  • EAVI2020 out and about (online)
  • Upcoming HIV/AIDS research events

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