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Inserm created in 1964, is the only French public research body entirely dedicated to human health. Its researchers are committed to studying all diseases, whether common or rare, through their research in the fields of biology, medicine and public health. The Center for Immunology and Microbial Infection (CIMI-Paris) is an Inserm research unit gathering scientific and clinicians engaged in training and in research programs focused on the understanding of functions of the immune systems, in normal and pathologic conditions, and aspects of immune responses to infectious agents.

At CIMI-Paris INSERM Unit 1135, Behazine Combadière (Director of research, Inserm), Arnaud Moris (Director of research, CNRS) Vincent Vieillard (Director of research, CNRS) and Patrice Debré (Professor, Pitié-Salpétrière Hospital) will be looking at mechanism of immunogenicity and biomarkers of vaccine efficacy to accelerate identification of novel HIV vaccine candidates.


Behazine Combadiere (Principal Investigator)

Fanta Sakho (administration)