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University of Oxford

University of Oxford is regularly ranked amongst the top 5 institutions in the world for biomedical science. The Medical Sciences Division is a world-class centre of excellence for biomedical and clinical research containing multiple clinical and non-clinical departments, and several institutes including the Jenner Institute for vaccine research and the MRC Human Immunology and Molecular Haematology Units.

The main tasks undertaken in EAVI 2020 will be: the design and development of novel stabilized trimeric envelope glycoprotein-based antigens to elicit neutralizing antibodies (Workpackage 1); the design and construction of rMVA and rChAdOx1 vaccines to stimulate cytotoxic T cell responses against conserved and/or protective HIV-1 epitopes (Workpackage 2).




Andrew J. McMichael

Tomas Hanke

Quentin Sattentau