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  1. EAVI2020 quarterly newsletter | April 2021

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    Download the April 2021 newsletter (.pdf)


    In this issue:

    • EAVI2020 receives extension and clinical trials resume
    • EAVI2020 consortium at HIVR4P
    • Students in Focus: Narcís Saubi, Vall d’Hebron Research Institute (VHIR)
    • Publications with EAVI2020
    • EAVI2020 out and about: International Women’s Day
    • HIV/AIDS news: COVID-19 disruptions to HIV prevention could increase new infections amongst men
    • Other news: EAVI2020 lead investigator, Prof Robin Shattock profiled in The Lancet


    Foreword from Robin 

    Following a challenging year in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic the consortium is excited to be progressing again at full speed.

    We were delighted to receive a no cost extension from the EU that will allow us to complete our full programme of research and make up for delays caused by multiple lockdowns across the EU. We continue to invest in the training and mentorship of gifted young researchers to ensure a rich talent pool for the future, some of whom are highlighted in this newsletter. In our final year we are conducting seven clinical trials to evaluate ten new vaccine candidates, demonstrating an unprecedented level of translation from discovery to clinical evaluation. Our clinical trials are underpinned by an integrated approach designed to maximise our understanding of human immunity to vaccination and the pathways for driving B and T cell breadth to combat the extraordinary diversity of circulating HIV strains. These studies will be the culmination of our discovery program, will significantly expand scientific understanding and provide a pipeline of products with potential for moving into later stage product development. The entire EAVI2020 team are galvanised around maximising the potential of our discovery program and building a sustainable legacy for HIV vaccine research in the EU.

    Professor Robin Shattock
    EAVI2020 coordinator and on behalf of the EAVI2020 consortium

    Read the rest of the newsletter here

  2. EAVI2020’s final newsletter of 2020 – Looking back and looking forward

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    EAVI2020 Newsletter December 2020 (.pdf opens in a new window)

    2020 has been a bumpy ride (to say the least) for everyone, including EAVI2020. Clinical trials had to come to a standstill due to lockdown restrictions and as a result, EAVI2020 received a no-cost extension from its funding body, The European Commission to make up lost time. Yet, the EAVI2020 consortium still have worked tirelessly, if not more so this year, to continue to develop and evaluate EAVI2020 vaccine candidates. This issue exemplifies the continued work of the EAVI2020 consortium and while it only covers the last three months, it is a testimony that even during a global pandemic, the EAVI2020 consortium don’t stop. In this issue:

    • Forward from Prof Robin Shattock
    • COVID-19 and HIV vaccine R&D. Can one help the other?
    • Five years of EAVI2020 – Annual Meeting 2020
    • Prof Robin Shattock presents to European Parliament
    • The 10th PhD Training Course – The first online
    • Students in Focus: Alessandra Gallinaro & Dominik Dam
    • Publications with EAVI2020 research
    • EAVI2020 out and about (online)
    • Upcoming HIV/AIDS research events