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  1. EAVI2020’s final newsletter of 2020 – Looking back and looking forward

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    EAVI2020 Newsletter December 2020 (.pdf opens in a new window)

    2020 has been a bumpy ride (to say the least) for everyone, including EAVI2020. Clinical trials had to come to a standstill due to lockdown restrictions and as a result, EAVI2020 received a no-cost extension from its funding body, The European Commission to make up lost time. Yet, the EAVI2020 consortium still have worked tirelessly, if not more so this year, to continue to develop and evaluate EAVI2020 vaccine candidates. This issue exemplifies the continued work of the EAVI2020 consortium and while it only covers the last three months, it is a testimony that even during a global pandemic, the EAVI2020 consortium don’t stop. In this issue:

    • Forward from Prof Robin Shattock
    • COVID-19 and HIV vaccine R&D. Can one help the other?
    • Five years of EAVI2020 – Annual Meeting 2020
    • Prof Robin Shattock presents to European Parliament
    • The 10th PhD Training Course – The first online
    • Students in Focus: Alessandra Gallinaro & Dominik Dam
    • Publications with EAVI2020 research
    • EAVI2020 out and about (online)
    • Upcoming HIV/AIDS research events
  2. Another year of EAVI2020, a virtual year.

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    The EAVI2020 consortium smiled for a group shot. They met over two full mornings in November. Members presented work-package updates and future work.

    After four years of 80+ consortium members meeting together every year, this year was the first time the consortium undertook their entire annual meeting online. Organised by coordinating partner’s, Imperial College London Research Project Management team (RPM), it was a huge success.

    The usual organisation of travel and accommodation bookings, and catering orders transformed into technical rehearsals of systems and checking internet connections, which was unusual but the consortium took it in their stride.

    Of course, no one needs reminding of why the annual meeting had to take place virtually rather than in person, and it is another example of the impact the force majeure has had on EAVI2020 in the year, 2020. The setbacks on EAVI2020’s clinical studies have been immense and it is still unclear when those that have commenced will resume, and those that were scheduled to begin will indeed, begin.

    powerpoint slide welcome message

    Every presenter shared their presentations with the handy function of sharing screens.

    However, this has not dashed the dedication and hard work all the researchers and students continue to put into EAVI2020. And their committed participation in the annual meeting made this clear. They continue to push forward with the work they can do on novel HIV vaccine candidates and steadfast the mitigation strategies for when clinical trials can resume. Prof Robin Shattock, EAVI2020 coordinator commended the consortium continually through the two-day virtual meeting. His admiration and pride in being part of EAVI2020 was evidently felt and shared by all.

    The European Commission, the body in which funds EAVI2020(under the Horizon2020 programme) has understood the predicament of many Horizon2020 projects and the 6-month extension that was granted in July, has allowed the consortium breathing room to ensure the vaccine pipeline is delivered on time. However, with the UK now in a second national lockdown, and many other European countries in similar second-wave restrictions, the future is uncertain.

    The EAVI2020 consortium ended the annual meeting with well-wishes for all and their families, and the steering committee will meet again before Christmas.

  3. EAVI2020 receives 6-month project extension

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    Funding body, European Commission recognises blight of COVID-19 on Horizon2020 clinical research

    COVID-19 has had a considerable impact on the progress of EAVI2020’s clinical trial and lab work. Like many Horizon2020 projects involved in clinical trials, it was required to halt all lab work as a result of the pandemic and the European Commission (EC) have recognised this. It is anticipated that EAVI2020 clinical work can resume in the coming months, and the EAVI2020 consortium will use this compensatory time to continue the lab work when it is safe to return. The Consortium are very appreciated for this no-cost extension and they are positive that this will maximise the expected impacts of the EAVI2020 project.

    EAVI2020 will thus have an expected project closure date in April 2021.

    For further information, the European Commission has placed up-to-date information on their website regarding COVID-19 response and action.

  4. Online ePanel discussion and SciTalk presentations on HIV research with EAVI2020 partners

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    The eAccess Meetings project

    In 2016, The Global HIV Vaccine Enterprise and Keystone Symposia inaugurated a collaboration to produce an ePanel discussion and series of SciTalks presentations that brought together key experts in the HIV prevention vaccine field.

    Following the great response to the inaugural video series, to which EAVI2020 also contributed with two presentations, the Global HIV Vaccine Enterprise in collaboration with Keystone Symposia has now presented the second series of eAccess Meetings: 2017 Keystone Symposia on HIV Vaccines.

    EAVI2020’s participates in an ePanel discussion and SciTalks presentations

    As part of the eAccess Meetings project, EAVI2020 participated in an ePanel discussion on Antibody Functions Beyond Neutralization with Prof Robin Shattock as a panellist (Imperial College) and Dr Gabriella Scarlatti (Global HIV Vaccine Enterprise) as moderator.

    The ePanel discussion is available online and can be found on the Enterprise web portal or on their YouTube Channel playlist.

    screenshots of TV frame of Gabriella Scarlatti and Robin Shattock

    Additionally, Gunilla Karlsson Hedestam and Paola Martinez Murillo (Karolinska Institutet) also participated in the SciTalks with presentations on “Individualized profiling of germline antibody V genes” and “F9, a new class of antibodies that neutralizes autologous tier 2 viruses in NHP immunized with liposome conjugated well-ordered trimers”.

    SciTalks can also be accessed on the Enterprise web portal or on their YouTube Channel playlist.

    screenshots of TV frames of Gunilla Karlsson Hedestam and Paola Martinez-Murillo


    More information

    eAccess Meetings: 2017 Keystone Symposia on HIV Vaccines.

    For more information about EAVI2020, please contact us.