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  1. EAVI2020 photo exhibition travels to Hungary

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    The development of an HIV vaccine in photos exhibits at the CSOPA Science Centre, Budapest Hungary.

    The EAVI2020 photo exhibition, which illustrates the journey of developing an HIV vaccine through powerful images, continues its journey around Europe. The 20 plus displays are now with partner institution Nemzeti Élelmiszerlánc-biztonsági Hivatal (National Food Chain Safety Office) in Hungary in which they have organised for the photo collection to be on display at the CSOPA Science Centre.

    The exhibition is a collaborative art initiative by the EAVI2020 partners. The project’s researchers depict their work with the aim to provide a visual narrative of how they make an HIV vaccine: from discovery through to testing.

    With this exhibit, the EAVI2020 researchers continue to share their work with the HIV community members and with the wider public.

    The collection will be on display to the end of May. More information at the CSOPA Science Centre.

    Where has it been:

    Barcelona, Spain 2017

    The collection was exhibited first at Bacanal Café and then displayed at Clinic Barcelona Hospital Universitari

    people looking at EAVI2020 photos at Bacanal Café man and a woman walking down a hallway with EAVI2020 photos on the walls

    Paris, France 2018

    Institut national de la santé et de la recherche médicale (INSERM)

    people looking at EAVI2020 photos at INSERM various people standing around talking

    Paris, France 2018

    Commissariat à l’Energie Atomique et aux Energies Alternatives (CEA)

    people looking at EAVI2020 photos at CEA