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  1. EAVI2020 May newsletter | special COVID-19 edition

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    Download the May 2020 newsletter (.pdf)

    As the world has been gripped by the COVID-19 pandemic researchers across the EAVI2020 project have responded by providing their experience and technology in the fight against this new viral threat. EAVI2020 clinical trials have been placed on hold but here in this issue, we take a look at what research EAVI2020’s partners are doing to help combat COVID-19.

    Also in this issue are two more students featuring in our ‘students in focus’ series and also upcoming HIV/AIDS events.

  2. EAVI2020 November 2019 newsletter is here!

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    Read the EAVI2020 Newsletter November 2019 (.pdf)

    In this issue:

    • Forward from Prof. Robin Shattock
    • 2nd B-cell trial underway
    • Watch later: EAVI2020 webinar – Developing an effective HIV vaccine: what do we need and when will we get there?
    • EAVI2020 4th annual meeting
    • EAVI2020 after-hours at European Researchers’ Night at the Natural History Museum, London
    • Upcoming events: Worlds AIDS Day 1st December
    • Recent EAVI2020 science publications
  3. EAVI2020’s first year of research!

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    Coinciding with the project’s one year anniversary, we are excited to publish the fourth issue of the EAVI2020 Newsletter!

    In this issue we have covered our upcoming EAVI2020 first annual meeting and 2nd PhD course on HIV vaccines and immunology.

    You can also find links to international HIV related papers and a list of upcoming events where you will find us.

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    The EAVI2020 team at work this past year!:

    Robin Shattock speaking at a lectern in a large glass room with peopleGabriella Scarlatti and Philip Mundsperger smiling in a room of people, next to a sign for the Vaccine Manufacturing Workshop   Marit van Gils standing at a HIVR4P deskJoseph Munne on stage presenting an EAVI2020 seminar Anna Janna Behrens on stage at a lectern presenting at a conferencepeople sitting at rectangle tables engaged in conversation