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Television Appearance and Prominent Fellowship Award for Project Partner Academisch Medisch Centrum

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Professor Rogier Sanders (Principal Investigator) and Assistant Professor Marit van Gils of Academisch Medisch Centrum (AMC) were recently featured in a children’s program broadcast on Dutch national television. “De Buitendienst” is an educational program aimed at children aged 9-12. The episode explored issues and interactive discussions on “how to defeat a virus”. You can watch the full video in Dutch on the Zapp website.

We would also like to congratulate Marit, who has been awarded the prestigious AMC Fellowship which will enable her to set up a research group at the AMC. The €750,000 AMC Fellowship spans a five-year period, with an interim evaluation after three years. The Fellowship also means that Marit has now entered the tenure track with the possibility to acquire a tenured position after 5 years. Marit will focus on the underlying immunology behind vaccination, in particular, the elicitation of antibody responses by vaccines to guide the design of novel or improved immunogens.

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Assistant Professor Marit van Gils

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