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World AIDS Vaccine Day 2022

“We’ve been trying to develop a vaccine for over 30 years as a field. It still remains one of the biggest biological challenges of the generation.” – Professor Robin Shattock.

HIV remains a global health issue. According to UNAIDS,  there were 37.7 million [30.2 million–45.1 million] people living with HIV in 2020. 18 May marks World AIDS Vaccine Day, raising awareness of the need for an HIV vaccine to help bring about an HIV-free future, and celebrating the research that is happening around the world to make this a reality.

Members of the EAVI2020 consortium came together to spread a message of support for the day:


Professor Robin Shattock also spoke to Imperial College London’s podcast team to mark the day, discussing where we are at for a vaccine for HIV, what are some of the recent successes, and what hurdles remain. Listen to the full interview below.

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